We believe that education plays a vital role in improving animal welfare. EASE offers a comprehensive range of animal care literature which can be downloaded here.

Smaller pets

Hamsters | Guinea Pigs | Rabbits | Gerbils | Rats

Ferrets | Mice | Chinchillas | Budgies | Doves | Chickens | Parrots

General advice

Caring for your Pet (A children’s book about keeping pets safe and happy. This book is simply written, colourfully illustrated and brightly presented, and is based on the Five Freedoms)

Basic dog Safety (A short guide to keeping your dog safe)

Bringing Home your New Cat

Can You be a Dog’s Best Friend? (Guidance for those thinking of taking on a puppy or dog including tips to help a new pet happily integrate with a family)

Canine Psychology

Caring for your Elderly Pet

Caring for Small Animals through Winter

Summer Care for Small Animals

Preventing Problems in Puppy Training (This covers common problems encountered when caring for a puppy.)

Small Animal Guide (Designed to help parents to choose the right small animal for their family.)

Spotting Signs of Pain in Cats or Dogs