The Human-Animal Relationship

EASE believes that human beings are the most evolved form of life on the planet and have a responsibility to take care of the Earth and its inhabitants including the planet’s ‘little people’, the animal life. We believe that animals are a part of creation and should be respected and treated as such, not abused or treated cruelly, and that people should use their superior intelligence to offer animals safety and support where this is needed. We human beings hold the stewardship of the planet in our care and should strive to act responsibly and for the good of the planet alongside our own needs.

EASE recognises that there is a special relationship of warmth, affection and mutual support that exists between humans and companion animals which is to be championed and celebrated as a natural richness of life. We believe that people should work with animals in a way that causes them no pain nor detracts from their dignity or well-being, and that a recognition and return should always be offered to animals by way of respect, companionship, shelter and food.

EASE believes that each animal species has its own reasons for existence and its own part to play in the expression of this planet, above and beyond any relationship with humans. This needs to be respected and encouraged by humans, who in turn have their own part to play.

We have the following podcasts and writings about the Human-Animal Relationship:

Sentiment Alignments about the Little People (podcast)


This podcast concerns what we perceive concerning the human/animal connection. The recording lasts for just over fifteen minutes, and opens and closes with a short excerpt of music entitled ‘Release of Brilliance’ by the World Mosaic of Sound.

We also have the following writings available to download:

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Dog Lessons

You are welcome to visit our blog page for further writings.